Where the Money Goes

At Cleveland Clinic, we believe in “Care that’s Personal; Research that’s Revolutionary.” We are home to one of the most robust cancer research enterprises in the United States, encompassing basic, clinical and translational research. Through The Power of Every One campaign, Cleveland Clinic has the opportunity to create an even stronger model of cancer care by building a new cancer center.

This revolutionary place, opening March 2017, will create a central home for oncology patients and clinicians, bringing our multidisciplinary teams together in one location. It will further accelerate one of the most robust cancer research programs in the country.

Brian Bolwell, MD Institute Chair, Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center Medical Chair, VeloSano

Regrettably, the extramural funding to support such projects is harder and harder to obtain. VeloSano is unique in that every dollar raised by its participants advances our cancer research, and we are extremely fortunate to be the beneficiary. Every mile that our participants ride, and every dollar that our donors give, is a reminder of our obligation to leverage their incredible generosity by pursuing research that will make a difference in our patients’ lives.

To date, VeloSano has funded over 65 research projects and continues to bridge the funding gap for researchers and physicians at Cleveland Clinic. We look forward to sharing the most recent projects that have been funded from VeloSano 3 dollars, as well as project updates from years 1 and 2, within the VeloSano 3 Annual Report that will be available this Spring.